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913 Totnes – South Dartmoor Community College

Schooldays Only
Totnes Coronation Road08:01South Dartmoor Community College15:45
Shinners Bridge08:06Buckfastleigh Plymouth Rd/West End Rd15:54
Tigley Cross08:10Lower Dean Underpass15:55
Rattery Viaduct08:15South Brent Police Station16:00
Marley Head08:20Marley Head16:05
South Brent Police Station08:25Rattery Viaduct16:10
Lower Dean Bus Shelter08:32Tigley Cross16:15
Buckfastleigh Plymouth Rd/West End Rd08:33Shinners Bridge16:19
South Dartmoor Community College08:40Totnes opp. Royal Seven Stars16:37

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898 Ashburton Town Service

Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays)
Balland Park Shop10:5511:2511:4512:3512:5513:15
Ashburton Town Hall11:0011:3011:5012:4013:0013:20
Westabrook Avenue11:0311:3311:5312:4313:0313:23
Westabrook Avenue11:0311:3311:5312:4313:0313:23
Ashburton Town Hall11:0611:3611:5612:4613:0613:26
Balland Park Shop11:1011:4012:0012:5013:1013:30

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366 Kenn – Exeter via Kennford & Shillingford St. George

Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays)
Kenn: Ley Arms09:35Exeter Bus Station Stand 513:15
Kennford: The Seven Stars09:39Alphington Sainsburys13:29
Clapham: Linslade09:44Shillingford Abbot13:33
Shillingford St. George: Hall09:47Shillingford St. George: Hall13:35
Shillingford Abbot09:50Clapham: Linslade13:37
Alphington Church09:52Kennford: The Seven Stars13:42
Exeter Bus Station Stand 510:09Kenn: Ley Arms13:45

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360 Bridford – Exeter via Christow & Dunchideock

Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays)
Bridford Shelter dep.07:1509:25--
Christow Church Lane07:2309:3312:0214:02
Bridford Shelter--12:1314:13
Teign House Inn07:3009:4012:1814:18
Doddiscombsleigh Nobody Inn07:3509:4512:2314:23
Dunchideock Webberton Cross07:4309:5312:3114:31
Ide Huntsman Inn07:5110:0112:3914:39
St. Thomas Station07:5910:0812:4614:46
Exeter Bus Station Stand 708:1310:2012:5814:58
Exeter Bus Station Stand 708:3511:1513:1516:1517:55
Ide Drakes Farm08:5311:3313:3316:3318:13
Dunchideock Webberton Cross09:0211:4213:4216:4218:22
Doddiscombsleigh Nobody Inn09:1111:5113:5116:5118:31
Teign House Inn09:1611:5613:5616:5618:36
Bridford Shelter arr.09:21----
Christow Church Lane09:3112:0214:0217:0218:42
Bridford Shelter-12:1314:13Request18:53

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359 Exeter – Moretonhampstead via Dunsford

Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays)
Exeter Bus Station Stand 508:4511:1513:1515:1517:1518:15
Longdown Lamb09:0611:3613:3615:3617:3618:36
Farrants Hill09:1111:4113:4115:4117:4118:41
Dunsford Royal Oak09:1711:4713:4715:4717:4718:47
Steps Bridge09:2011:5013:5015:5017:5018:50
Moretonhampstead Square09:3512:0514:0516:0518:0519:05
Moretonhampstead Court St Car Park09:3812:0814:0816:0818:0819:08
Moretonhampstead Court St Car Park07:3009:4512:1514:1516:15
Moretonhampstead Square07:3209:4712:1714:1716:17
Steps Bridge07:4610:0112:3114:3116:31
Dunsford Royal Oak07:4910:0412:3414:3416:34
Farrants Hill07:5510:1012:4014:4016:40
Longdown Lamb08:0010:1512:4514:4516:45
Exeter St.Thomas Station08:1210:2712:5714:5716:57
Exeter Bus Station Stand 508:2410:3913:0915:0917:09

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271 (Haytor Hoppa) Newton Abbot – Widecombe via Bovey Tracey

Saturdays Only 23rd May - 12th September 2020
Newton Abbot Railway Station08:5510:5513:4016:10
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road09:0011:0013:4516:15
Drumbridges Roundabout09:1011:1013:5516:25
Bovey Tracey Union Square09:2011:2014:0516:35
Haytor Moorlands House09:3011:3014:1516:45
Widecombe Car Park09:4111:4114:2616:56
Widecombe Car Park09:4611:4614:3117:01
Swallerton Gate09:5311:5314:3817:08
Manaton Bus Shelter10:0312:0314:4817:18
Becky Falls10:0612:0614:5117:21
Edgemoor Hotel10:1412:1414:5917:29
Bovey Tracey Union Square10:1812:1815:0317:33
Drumbridges Roundabout10:2712:2715:1217:42
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road10:3512:3515:2017:50
Newton Abbot Railway Station10:4012:4015:2517:55

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193 Bovey Tracey – Newton Abbot via Haytor

Wednesday & Friday Only (except Public Holidays)
Bovey Tracey Union Sq.09:32Newton Abbot Sherborne Road13:45
Haytor Moorlands Hotel09:42Bickington Bow Bridge13:55
Haytor Vale Rock Inn09:43Liverton: Benedicts Road13:58
Ilsington Church09:49Cummings Cross14:00
Liverton: Telegraph View09:53Liverton: Telegraph View14:02
Cummings Cross09:55Ilsington Church14:06
Liverton: Benedicts Road09:57Haytor Vale Rock Inn14:14
Bickington Shelter10:01Haytor Moorlands Hotel14:15
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road10:15Bovey Tracey Union Sq.Request

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182 Chudleigh – Teign School via Chudleigh Knighton

Schooldays Only
Chudleigh Market Way08:0508:1008:30-
Chudleigh Knighton Anchor---08:30
Chudleigh Road Toll House08:1408:1908:3908:36
Teign School08:1508:2008:4008:37
Kingsteignton Broadway Road----
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road----
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road----
Kingsteignton Broadway Road----
Teign School15:2515:2515:2515:25
Chudleigh Road Toll House15:2615:2615:2615:26
Chudleigh Knighton Anchor---15:32
Chudleigh Market Way15:3515:3515:35-

179 Newton Abbot – Moorland Reach via Kingsteignton

Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays)
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road L08:1009:1010:1011:1012:1013:1014:1015:1016:1017:1017:50
Kingsteignton Lidl 08:1709:1710:1711:1712:1713:1714:1715:1716:1717:1717:57
Moorland Reach Exeter Road 08:2109:2110:2111:2112:2113:2114:2115:2116:2117:2118:01
Kingsteignton Library 08:2509:2510:2511:2512:2513:2514:2515:2516:2517:25 -
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road E08:3509:3510:3511:3512:3513:3514:3515:3516:3517:35 -

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178 Newton Abbot – Okehampton via Moretonhampstead & Chagford

Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays)
Newton Abbot: Sherborne Road B08:5513:50Okehampton: Market Street12:45
Liverton: Benedicts Road09:0814:03Okehampton: Fore Street12:50
Liverton: Cummings Cross09:1014:05Hunters Gate: The Heathers12:54
Bovey Tracey: Dolphin Square09:1614:11Giblands Park: Vixen Tor Close13:00
BoveyTracey: Union Square09:1714:12Sticklepath: Devonshire Inn13:09
Lustleigh Turn09:2514:25South Zeal: The Croft13:12
Lustleigh: Bishops Stone-14:28South Tawton Church13:17
Lustleigh Turn09:2514:31South Zeal: Oxenham Arms13:21
Moretonhampstead: The Square09:3614:42Whiddon Down: Post Inn13:30
Moretonhampstead Court St Car Pk arr.09:3814:44Sandypark Inn13:36
Guaranteed ConnectionEaston Cross (for Chagford)13:38
Moretonhampstead: Court St Car Pk dep.09:40Chagford: The Square13:42
Easton Cross (for Chagford)09:48Easton Cross (for Moretonhampstead)13:48
Chagford: The Square09:54Moretonhampstead: Court St Car Pk arr.13:56
Easton Cross (for Okehampton)10:00Guaranteed Connection
Sandypark Inn10:02Moretonhampstead: Court St Car Pk dep.09:4013:57
Whiddon Down: Post Inn10:08Moretonhampstead: The Square09:4113:58
South Zeal: Oxenham Arms10:15Lustleigh Turn09:5214:09
South Tawton Church10:19Lustleigh: Bishops Stone09:5514:12
South Zeal: The Croft10:24Lustleigh Turn09:5814:15
Sticklepath: Devonshire Inn10:27BoveyTracey: Union Square10:1114:24
Giblands Park: Vixen Tor Close10:36Bovey Tracey: Dolphin Square10:1214:25
Hunters Gate: The Heathers10:42Liverton: Cummings Cross10:1814:30
Okehampton: Fore Street Arcade10:46Liverton: Benedicts Road10:2014:32
Okehampton: Market Street10:50Newton Abbot: Sherborne Road B10:3514:47

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